Jewelry Greetings - Wearable Greeting Cards
What are Jewelry Greetings?
Jewelry Greetings are paper greeting cards that fold into three dimensional wearable rings. With wearable Jewelry Greetings you can deliver your message in a unique and engaging fashion. Keeping with the tradition of meaningful mailed greeting cards your friends and loved ones will be reminded of you every time they look at their hands and see your thoughtful gift. Jewelry Greetings are a keepsake your recipient will cherish long beyond the day it’s received.
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How do they work?
If you are the lucky recipient of a Jewelry Greetings card, you simply punch out the design from the card on the perforated lines. Fold according to the simple instructions, slip your finger through the hole, and enjoy your wearable greeting.
Step 1 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work Step 2 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work Step 3 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work Step 4 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work Step 5 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work Step 6 - How do Jewelry Greeting Cards work
What designs are currently available?
We have six designs to choose from. The designs include the Dancing Hearts, Trillium Lily, Cherry Blossoms, Cattleya Orchid, Sunflower and Bunchberry.

Dancing Hearts

Wearable dancing hearts ring greeting card

Trillium Lily

Wearable trillium lily ring greeting card

Cherry Blossoms

Wearable cherry blossoms ring greeting card

Cattleya Orchid

Wearable cattleya orchid ring greeting card


Wearable sunflower ring greeting card

Bunch Berry

Wearable bunch berry ring greeting card
How did Jewelry Greetings come to live?
Graphic Designer Oliver Hampel and Goldsmith Christiane Hampel came up with the concept while brainstorming for a unique marketing idea to promote Christiane's jewelry collection. It took several rounds of prototyping to create six different greeting card designs. “After seeing the reaction from our friends and family, we were convinced that these creative greeting cards should be a collection by itself”.